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Famed Photograher Hannah Stonehouse Hudson Vists Home for Life Animal Sanctuary and The Story of Simon

The Native American Spiritual Adviser told her that she would know when her husband Jim was close because she would see eagles near. Eagles were Jim's symbol. So we knew it would be a special day when Hannah said the eagles seemed to be accompanying her on her drive to Home for Life, especially as she approached the sanctuary, circling above as she drove up our driveway, as if to herald her arrival. Eagles have special meaning for her, and it almost seemed as if the eagles had led her to Home for Life that chilly but sunny and clear day this mid November.

For Native Americans & as well as people of many other cultures eagles have long signified courage and a connection to the divine because they can fly higher than any bird. They are of the earth but their powerful ability to soar so high seems spiritual as well. Little did Hannah know that she would meet a special dog at Home for Life that day, who seems to embody the spirit of the eagle, a gentle Doberman with a mighty heart named Simon

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is an internationally acclaimed documentary photographer whose photo “John &Schoep” went viral in 2012.

In the midst of this stupendous success, Hannah suffered an unimaginable loss: the untimely death of her young husband Jim, a fishing guide, due to hypothermia. During this thrilling time counterpointed by heartbreaking tragedy, Hannah has stayed engaged and positive, practicing her art around the world and giving generously to the animal rescue community by photographing the dogs and cats in their care. She is based in Bayfield, Wisconsin but travels all over for her work. Her specialty is ”photographing objects that move fast and bark!” Hannah adores dogs! She is so busy, famous and so in demand but made time to photograph Home for Life's animals for our sponsorship program. She visited the sanctuary and spent several hours with us late morning into the afternoon on her way to catch a flight to California to photograph dogs at a rescue in Santa Monica.

Even before she came to Home for Life, Hannah said she wanted to sponsor one of our dogs and was eager to meet them all. She appreciates and loves all dogs but one of those at Home for Life really touched her heart. To view our blog on Hannah's visit to Home for Life, please click here.

Here is the Facebook album of highlights from Hannah's Facebook page. And here is her blog about her day at Home for Life.

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