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Finding a Way to Help

Sage went to the Heart of Minnesota shelter in Hutchinson in exchange for FIV Spaghetti who came to Home for Life® Sage has already found a home

Since late November, animal welfare organizations throughout Greater Minnesota have come together to find a way to help 30 cats of the Animal Humane Society's Partner Placement list. Cats who land at one of the four humane society locations are evaluated for placement; some who are experiencing shelter stress or who are very shy are not cats the humane society believes they can support on the adoption floors of their shelters, so they offer these cats to partner rescues to try to find the cats help and therefore avoid euthanizing them.

Sage went to the Heart of Minnesota shelter in Hutchinson in exchange for FIV Spaghetti who came to Home for Life® Sage has already found a home

Coping with the Cold

Above: Feleuk+ MiowMiow & friends stay warm - note Allie's ears and half a tail, lost when she suffered frostbite before coming to us

WHAT a week! Wednesday morning last week at Home for Life®: temperature was -34 degrees! Our overnight staff who lives east of us recorded -41 degrees at her house. This is the air temperature - the wind chill is far worse. With 200 animals at our facility, Home for Life® doesn't have the option to close. We are so grateful to our staff who have braved the arctic cold to come to work and take care of dogs and cats, birds and even Goliath our tortoise.

Home for Life® Announces 2019 Event Schedule!

2019 Pool Party

ANNOUNCEMENT! Attention Best Pool Party of the Year 2019 fans:

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, our Sunset Swim Party on a Saturday afternoon was such a success that the Town and Country Club members decided that time slot would work better for THEIR event. HOME FOR LIFE'S® Pool Party event is still on, and will be a one day event only, BUT it will be a nearly all day extravaganza and combine the best of both our events from last year!

A Home is Made with Love and Dreams: Raha's Story Comes Full Circle! Holiday Match Challenge: All Gifts Made by December 31st Matched Up To $25,000!

Raha enjoying a sunny day in October at Home for Life®

Every animal has a story, they say. When people meet a dog or cat at our sanctuary, or see them on social media, their first question is, “What is their story?” With Raha, a senior Anatolian Shepherd mix, no one needs to ask. His story is plain to see: the horror and cruelty he suffered…and his resilience and joy that could not be extinguished

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The Rescue of Raha

It’s hard to remember Raha’s desperate condition on the day we met him just one year ago. Some sadistic people had attempted to blow his head off. They put firecrackers in his mouth, taped his muzzle shut, and then lit the fuse. Miraculously the firecrackers did not explode, but they still did plenty of damage—their intense heat seared away Raha’s gums, cracked his teeth, and even burned into the bones of his face and jaw. His injuries left him unable to open his mouth more than a centimeter. By the time we met him, he was slowly starving to death.

"Mark"ing the seasons at Home for Life: Fall photos by Mark Luinenburg!

Tina, a boxer

It's become a tradition over the years to welcome photographer Mark Luinenburg out to Home for Life® for each of the four seasons we enjoy at the sanctuary facility located  on 40 picturesque acres on the Apple River in Star Prairie, WI, just 20 minutes northeast of Stillwater, MN on the St Croix River.

Mark was out last week for a fall photo session and to meet some of the new faces at the sanctuary. In this Facebook album are just some of our favorites: it's always so hard to select just a few!

Give to the Max is November 15!

Give to the max

Give to the Max is a state wide day of giving where generous people from across the state of Minnesota come together to support their favorite charities. This year, Home for Life® has a matching grant of $25,000 riding on this 24 hours of giving, and all gifts made that day will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $25,000! We hope the enthusiasm and generosity this day of giving inspires will encourage YOU to make a gift to help the animals of Home for Life®.

Save the Date! Home for Life's Fall Gala, 2019 is November 9, 2019 at The Metropolitan, Minneapolis with special guest Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd holding dog

The 2018 gala with our guest Dr. Jane Goodall will be hard to ever surpass, but we will try!

In 2019, Saturday November 9, Home for Life® will welcome the A-List actress, conservationist and U.N. representative and humanitarian Ashley Judd as our special guest. Ashley was very interested in being part of the Home for Life® gala as she is such an admirer of Dr. Goodall, and like her, loves dogs and works hard for conservation efforts, particularly on behalf of bonobos apes in their native Congo. Ashley also loves and cherishes all animals, and has relied on her beloved dogs for emotional support animals during turbulent times of her life.

You ought to be in pictures!


We welcomed Rod & Stephanie Oman of The Imagery back at Home for Life® in October for the fall sponsor photos. They were last at the sanctuary about two years ago, so it was great to see them again, especially since they are so supportive of the Minnesota animal rescue community - from October 15 thru November 4 - they are hosting a rescue donation promotion - $50 gets you and your pet a photo session AND a 5x7 portrait with the $50 donated to Home for Life® or the Minnesota animal rescue of your choice:

Home for Life's® Tribute to Herb Sam the Spiritual Advisor to the Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe

Herb Sam with Governor Mark Dayton at the Minnesota State Capitol

Home for Life has lost a great friend with the death of Herb Sam the Spiritual Advisor to the Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe. Many of you might remember Herb from our annual Memorial Garden Ceremonies and Open Houses, at which he officiated. It is a huge loss to the community, Home for Life and for his family, his beloved wife and my friend Patty Sam and daughter Arianna. People like Herb are so rare in this world, and their loss leaves a huge hole in the lives of so many. Patty we will be with you tomorrow at the ceremony for Herb.