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Our Animals Celebrate Summer: The Photos Of Mark Luinenburg and Videos of Bennet Abrahamson

Mark Luinenburg was out on a warm August afternoon to get some great photos of our team swimming with some of the HFL dogs. We are so lucky that we have Apple River frontage on the west side of our property and many accessible points nearby, so the dogs can enjoy water therapy during the warm summer season. Bonus! Mark's colleague Bennet Abrahamson, a videographer, came out to see Home for Life and created some inspiring videos featuring the staff taking our dogs swimming as well of our paraplegics - check out little Soosan, the little brindle whippet mix tearing around in her cart- and you won't believe she has only two legs! See the videos of a swimming trip to the Apple Rive & our paraplegics taking their carts for a spin in one of Home for Life's fenced meadows.

Below are the videos by Bennett Graham Abrahamson (click on image to play)

Home for life dog wheelchairs

Home for Life Swimming

Thank you to Bennet and to Mark for their great photos & video of the summer of 2016 at Home for Life!
Below, some of our favorites from Mark's most recent photoshoot.  And see Mark's album from his  August 2016 photo shoot at Home for Life here.
Black kitten named BadgerAids working with the dogsparaplegic dogs runningAids working with the dogsSoosan paralegic doc running
Soosan paralegic doc running