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Give from the Heart to help the animals of Home for Life® on Give to the Max Day!

give to the max 2020

PLEASE REMEMBER Home for Life® Animal Sanctuary on Minnesota's largest day of giving -- Give to the Max November 19! We are a Minnesota non-profit based in Stillwater, MN with our facility located on 40 acres on the Apple River in Star Prairie, Wisconsin.

Home for Life® is small but mighty, and we know that a small sanctuary can make a big difference. For the nearly 200 animals that live at our sanctuary, Home For Life® is able to give its residents a quality life and not just a warehoused existence.

Our Third Door®  model is exemplified by Home for Life's® prototype facility in Star Prairie Wisconsin, where our most important mission is to show what's possible: that animals, who couldn't be adopted but who don't deserve to die, can still live a great life if given that opportunity.


Animal Nation: Each animal's individual happiness and well-being is a victory for all animal welfare.

Perillaw with boots

Thinking about millions of animals who lose their lives each year is overwhelming. The estimate is that between 2-4 million cats and dogs are killed annually because no one wants them. Even people who care are challenged to understand how they can make a difference with a problem of this scale. When we look at animal homelessness and the vast numbers being killed each year through a wide scope, it's difficult to see the individuals. They become numbers and abstractions. If we operate only from this frame, we begin to lose the sense of our original mission and that's when dogs and cats like those Home for Life focuses on fail to find the help they so desperately need. Because they are only one animal, it is easy to turn away and ignore them or justify their death as if they are collateral damage. But the truth is, we're only able to understand the depth of a problem through an individual who is experiencing the problem firsthand and through their story.

The millions of suffering, lonely and unwanted animals are made up of individuals like Mick (pictured left), a little FIV+ 9-month-old kitten who nearly drowned in a manure pit: read his story here.

Whenever we disregard or devalue one of them, we place all animals in jeopardy, since any dog or cat can lose their home, become old, injured or ill and unwanted. What keeps animals safe and cherished is our attitude towards them, and our capacity to care. For animals who are vulnerable, everywhere, we can't turn away from tough cases like Mick or consider their fate of negligible consequence. Saving an animal is more than a metaphor. It is meaningful because preserving the chance for one animal takes a stand for all animals in similar situations and makes visible and practical what is possible. In a system designed to handle problems on a mass scale, individuals can be overlooked. Yet behind every data point and every number is an individual, with a story and the need for someone to recognize all that makes them special.

Home for Life's® focus on overlooked individuals has enabled us to spot gaps in the animal welfare system where cats or dogs are underserved and vulnerable, to identify where change needs to happen, and where there is opportunity for widespread improvement.

Mick - FIV+ 9 month old kitten who nearly drowned in a manure pit
Mick -FIV+ 9 month old kitten who nearly drowned in a manure pit

This year our campaign with Give to the Max has a $20,000 Match Challenge to help with medical costs for those animals Home for Life® accepts,  We don't take in a high-risk animal and then scramble to try to raise money so we can actually provide care. Rather, we work hard on the couple of fundraising efforts we do each year, like Give to the Max, so we will have the resources to help when an animal like Mick so desperately needs us. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to secure the match grant and to enter 2021 with the capacity to respond when another cat or dog like Mick needs us and has nowhere else to turn.

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