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Home for Life's® Latest Video: A Day in the Life

A care for life sanctuary is a unique place for unique animals. Why should a cat or dog lose all that makes them irreplaceable, one in a million, just because they enter the animal rescue "system" where success persists in being defined by the numbers? Behind every data point, every number -- is an individual cat or dog, with a story and the need for someone to recognize all that makes them distinctive.

That mass of lonely, broken hearts looking for another chance is made up of individual cats and dogs, and in a system designed to handle problems on a mass scale, by the numbers, the significance of the individual can be overlooked, disregarded. Home for Life® believes that the system set up to care for the most vulnerable animals is only as effective and healthy as its treatment of the individual animals, no matter how success may be quantified.

We hope this video, depicting a day in the life at Home for Life®, reveals what makes the sanctuary such a special place for our animals. At Home for Life®, our cats and dogs aren't treated as problems to be solved but cherished as the unique one in a million individuals that they are. That capacity to recognize and foster all that is precious in each works miracles!  There truly is no place like home -- Home for Life!

Thank you to producer Mark Luis Foster of Foster Avenue in Minneapolis for this beautiful video conveying our mission and philosophy so well and to Creative Communications Consultants, Minneapolis for their support with this project.

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