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Home for Life's® Peace Creatures® at the Minnesota American Indian Center (AIC) Minneapolis

AIC teen reaching out to Nimo

This year Home for Life® embarked on a new Peace Creatures® initiative working with the after school program at the American Indian Center in Minneapolis (AIC). We work with kids in two age groups: the younger children ages 5-12 and teens ages 13-18.

Caption Nino makes a friend at MN AICRepresenting Home for Life's® Peace Creatures® for this inaugural visit were Nino and Momokun two of our international rescues. Home for Life® has done international rescue helping animals from around the world since 2008!
How inspiring it is that these animals from other countries, who came to Home for Life® desperate for a second chance, are now able to give back to some of the most vulnerable and at-risk children of our communities! Read more about Home for Life's® international rescues here including many who serve as therapy animals in our Peace Creatures® programs: click here to learn more.


This year Home for Life's® Peace Creatures® programs will touch the lives of over 8000 at-risk kids and adults in our community bringing solace and joy through healing pet therapy.
These accomplishments would not be possible without our sanctuary. All that we accomplish starts with the belief that led to the founding of Home for Life® 22 years ago: Animals who need us are not a problem to be solved but an untapped treasure. We believe in the significance of every life we care for, and that the life of each cat and dog counts.

Caption Nino makes a friend at MN AICThat perspective is transformative, a premise that creates miracles - From establishing and taking new ground for the most vulnerable cats and dogs, to creating a safer world for all animals by showing what's possible, to reaching out to the community through our animals who serve as ambassadors for our mission and conviction that all life is valuable.

Our Peace Creatures® programs including this newest outreach effort at the AIC are suspended due to the Covid-19 situation. We plan to resume as soon as we are able and fully expect that we will meet our projections of the numbers of kids and adults reached this year even with the widespread shutdowns. The special people we have met through our work are in our hearts and thoughts at this time even as we know this difficult season will soon be behind us all. We anticipate moving forward as soon as the quarantines are lifted and resuming our visits.
See all the photos from our Peace Creatures® sessions at Mn AIC: click here and here.