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TtobToby, now known as TC

Above: Can you believe it's the same cat. TC has filled out and his fur growing back to its former glory.

TC was a stray, who arrived at a Minnesota humane society covered in fleas, with a patchy unkept coat and starving thin. In addition to being FIV+, TC, who was then known as Toby, was said to be "unpredictable" because he would reach out of the cage and grab at staff as they passed by.

Toby, TC, when he arrived at Home for Life®
Toby, TC, when he arrived at Home for Life®

Because of his poor condition and perceived behavior problem, TC landed on the shelter's euthanasia list, with an option to go to organizations like Home for Life® who are what the humane society calls their " partners'" where at-risk animals might find an alternative placement. Working in collaboration with the humane society many cats and dogs like TC are able to be helped and their lives saved.


After we got to know TC, we discovered that he was hungry -- for food and attention! He was a loving boy but was suffering from some infected teeth that needed to be removed. Even with his painful teeth he would try so hard to eat, he was that hungry! FIV+ cats are often susceptible to dental woes.

Once the bad teeth were out, thanks to a dental at the vet, he began to eat like a house on fire and regain his health. We also treated him for ear infections, presumptive haemobartonello due to the flea infestation and anemia he suffered as a result.

TC illustrates the transformative difference of the Third Door, Home for Life®.


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