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A Special sweetness: Sponsor Photos by the Staff of Home for Life®

Mattie taking photos

Home for Life's® sponsor program is a great way to support the sanctuary while forging a special bond with an individual animal. Historically, we have relied on professional photographers as an integral part of this program: they donate their time and talent by coming out to Home for Life® and taking photos of the cats and dogs who are sponsored, and then we highlight their work and business on our website, social media and with our sponsors.

Raha by MattiePictured above and left: Mattie taking photos of Raha

But with Covid, we thought it would be safest to have sponsor photos taken by our staff, and so starting with the 2nd Quarter this year, our animal care specialists had the fun project of getting photos of all the sponsored cats, dogs, etc. The photos taken by our staff members turned out so well, we decided to do it again for 3rd Quarter since conditions really have not improved with the virus, compelling us to restrict visitors for the past several months. The sponsor photos are always done on location at Home for Life® so the animals are in their element, and with photos being taken by the people who take care of them every day, there is a special sweetness to these portraits. Thank you to Barb, Mattie, Alex, and Krissy for helping with this project. We know our sponsors will be so appreciative of these keepsake photos of the animals they sponsor!

Don't miss out! Sign up to be a Home for Life® sponsor today! We provide quarterly updates and photos of the animal you sponsor, and sponsors will be welcome to visit again when conditions with Covid are safe. ( p.s: working on a new endeavor to provide sponsors added features to enhance their support of the sanctuary during these challenging times!) Plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping Home for Life® care for ALL the animals of the sanctuary--whether sponsored or not, ALL of our animals receive the same loving, high-quality care whether they have sponsors or not. Become a sponsor today!

See the Facebook album of sponsor photos  by the staff of Home for Life® here:

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