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Wisconsin prototype

While we have not been able to offer tours of the sanctuary this summer and fall as usual, until we can be together again, we invite you to take this virtual tour of Home for Life®.

Home for Life®, an internationally recognized care for life sanctuary, and in 2019 named one of the 10 Most Amazing Sanctuaries in the Country by USA Today, offers a service to animals in need like no comparative organization. Many shelters and rescue organizations aspire to find a home for every animal and dream of the day when there will be no homeless animals. At Home for Life®, that's what we want too—and that's what we provide—for dogs and cats that are overlooked for placement. Home for Life® has created a new idea, the care for life sanctuary—a life-saving and life-affirming alternative for dogs and cats who have not been able to find a home or keep the home they had and for animals who have lifelong special care needs, that most adopters cannot provide. We call our idea the Third Door® in animal welfare which gives at risk dogs and cats, animals who might have been passed over for adoption, an alternative to an undeserved death. The dream of a home should be an opportunity that is available for all dogs and cats, and now with Home for Life®, and the innovative model we have created at our prototype sanctuary in Star Prairie, WI, it can be!


Tour of Home for Life V2