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2020 virtual Pool Party

After considering every alternative to try to present our 5th Annual Best Pool Party of the Year before summer ends--including: moving the event to another location, hosting the pool party at the sanctuary with swimming at the Apple River which runs on our property, renting out a private pool, scouting out a private lake--we have come to the decision that with COVID still raging, there is not an option to present this live event and still assure the safety of all our guests. We want to see you all next year for the 2021 Best Pool Party, and it's just not worth the risk to anyone's health and well being to chance a live event. Even with safeguards in place like masks and limiting the numbers of attendees, we felt the threat to our guests was too great.

For those of you who have been part of one of our four previous pool events, you know that much of the thrill of the day is seeing all the other dogs, and watching them have so much fun! There's no reason we have to give up this most special aspect of the Pool Party event just because we can't all be together in person this year!

Online events are not the same as live events but different can be equal! Home for Life's® Virtual Pool Party will employ the power of the internet in an innovative way to create a new experience for our pool party fans: think part symphony orchestra playing together virtually and part Cat Video Festival--only way more awesome because of course, cats don't swim AND because YOUR beloved dogs are the stars!

Right now, what we need from YOU is your favorite video clip of your dog(s): swimming, diving off a dock, riding in a boat, jumping off a diving board, splashing in the waves--you get the idea. ANYTHING to do with swimming fun in the sun, water and making the most of the Summer of 2020! You can be in the clip too but remember, your DOG is the star!

Please forward your clips to your video--which can be taken of your dog on your smartphone or any other device, should be about 45 - 60 seconds long with about 3-5 seconds of no sound or action at the start and finish. Please submit your video starring your dog swimming, splashing, jumping, diving etc! by SEPTEMBER 10, 2020. Yes, we are extending the deadline for video submissions to September 10th!

Stay tuned for more information about Home for Life's® Virtual Pool Party! September 20, 2020!

** upon receipt of the clip and our producers' review of the same, we will forward you a release to sign, giving permission to Home for Life® to include the footage of your dog in the larger video presentation.