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UPDATE: Home for Life® Gala Rescheduled to Spring 2021 - Start of Tour Season Postponed

Fabien Cousteau with his grandpa Jacques

Left: Fabien Cousteau with his grandpa Jacques

Our benchmark was the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan: one of our treasured advisors recommended holding firm with our event dates; but if the Olympics were canceled or postponed because of Covid 19, we would need to seriously consider rescheduling our 2020 events.


Fabien Cousteau
Fabien Cousteau

The Olympics have now been postponed until 2021. And so has our Fall Gala with Special guest Fabien Cousteau (pictured above). The fall gala has been postponed to the Spring of 2021, the date to be determined depending on the worldwide situation and Mr. Cousteau's schedule - he is committed to being there for the Home for Life® gala and is very much looking forward to being part of our special evening.

Our gala requires significant lead time and outlay of resources, but we have a bit more flexibility with the ever-popular pool event, a beloved end of summer celebration for dogs and those who love them. We are going to hold our date of Sunday, September 20 for the pool event, and we are hoping to be able to go forward and will guarantee one heck of a celebration after these difficult few months if it comes off. Please stay tuned for updates and event reservations news.


More information about Home for Life's® Fancy Feast Gala here and Pool Party event here.

Our Tour season has been postponed - we will be announcing when we can offer tours of the sanctuary as news about COVID 19 develops but we will not be able to start tour season as we always have the first weekend of Memorial Day. We regret that tours of Home for Life must be postponed at this time until further notice