Alexis with blue and cc

Above: Spring happiness—HFL staff Alexis with Blue the cattle dog and CC the hound. Blue, originally from Texas, came to us from the Animal Humane Society, Minneapolis, while CC came to HFL from Minneapolis Animal Control.

Just a few weeks after photographer Mark Luinenburg's spring photo shoot, in late April, the temperatures turned much warmer.   By mid-May, just two weeks after Mark's spring 2023 visit, that was the end of the snow and ice, and suddenly the sanctuary was covered in dandelion flowers—fields of gold and other wildflowers.

Above: Little Tucker came to HFL (black and white) after he was abandoned in an apartment building, left behind when his owner moved. But 2019 marked a new chapter for the sanctuary when we welcomed our first dog from China. 

Once a year, Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary is covered in yellow flowers—dandelion season!   We look forward to this magical time all year. Photographer Mark Luinenburg made it out again to capture this special season for the sanctuary—the carpets of sunshine signify spring is really here at last after a long, hard winter. As you will see,  some things are worth waiting for— like dandelion photos at Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary from Mark Luinenburg.

Gus a street dog from Mexico
Above: Gus, a courageous dog who was left with a broken back, alone and unable to move, a street dog from Mexico

In this Facebook album are our favorites: (20+) Something worth waiting for ... Home For Life Animal Sanctuary | Facebook There were so many beautiful ones, it was hard to choose. At this link is the album with all his photos from his visit in May: