cc dandelions

Image: CC, a hound mix rescued from Minneapolis Animal Control, takes a spin through the dandelions

Dandelion season at Home for Life is short but beautiful. Once a year, Home For Life Animal Sanctuary is covered in yellow flowers—dandelion season! Photographer Mark Luinenburg,'s photos of this time of year have become an annual tradition.  Mark made it out to capture this special season for the sanctuary—the carpets of sunshine signify spring is really here at last after a long winter.

Above: Pebbles enjoys the spring sunshine in our North outdoor cat run
Una in the dandelions
Above: Una, who survived a gunshot to the face, loves rolling in the dandelions and attention from our staff


Our favorites from photographer Mark Luinenburg's visit for Dandelion season are here!  See his album for all the photos from his shoot last Sunday here.



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