Left: Photographer William Wegman signing his book at the annual Fall Fancy Feast.

Friday October 30, 2015.

Walker Art Center

Thank you for your support and participation during Home for Life's annual fall gala, Home for Life's Fall Fancy Feast. This year, Home for Life was pleased to welcome supporter and world famous photographer  William Wegman, best known for his iconic portraits of Weimaraner dogs. 

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis provided the perfect setting for this event. We enjoyed seeing many of our friends and some new faces at this highly anticipated event! 

If you missed out on the fun, please consider joining us next fall. If you'd like to view more photos from this event, please check out our Facebook album!

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Left: Nino enjoys meeting people during the Dog Parade.


Thank you to our sponsors! You made the Fall Fancy Feast possible!

Tim & Mary Jo McCauly                              Phyllis & Roger Sherman

Downtown Dogs Minneapolis                The Law firm of Brownson & Linnihan

Mrs. Barbara G. Koch                         The Law firm of Foley & Mansfield

Kristin & Robert Kowalski