Saving the lives of millions of animals requires a multi-faceted approach. Long-term strategies such as spaying and neutering will reduce the number of animals needing homes. Aggressive adoption efforts will find homes for those animals who can adapt to a new home. Despite these strategies, there will always be animals who are already born and are not good candidates for adoption. What will become of them? - the old, those with medical issues, disabilities or behavior concerns? Those animals who have been adopted and returned to the shelter system multiple times or who cannot stay in the home they had and are rejected from rescue or shelter programs as incapable of adoption? How can animal welfare hope to end the euthanasia of 4 million or more animals a year without creating a third option for these special needs dogs and cats?

The animals who come to Home for Life could not be helped by any other option but a care for life sanctuary. And once at Home for Life, our animals are not offered for adoption. Once an animal comes to us, it truly has a home for life. Through our example, we hope to discourage acceptance of euthanasia for animals who can still live a quality life.


Home for Life is small but mighty, and we know that a small sanctuary can make a big difference. For the nearly 200 animals that live at our sanctuary, Home For Life is able to give its residents a quality life and not just a warehoused existence.

Our Third Door model is exemplified by Home for Life's prototype facility in Star Prairie Wisconsin, where our most important mission is to show what's possible: that animals, who couldn't be adopted but who don't deserve to die, can still live a great life if given that opportunity.

Leo going for a swim in the Apple river
Leo going for a swim in the Apple River


From an animal's perspective, home is a place that offers companionship with both people and other animals. A home is where a cat or dog feels secure, is well fed and is safe. Home is where a dog has the opportunities to play, run and feel useful and where a cat can climb, go outside and yet be safe. Home is where all animals can enjoy comfort, great food and appropriate veterinary care when needed. Home for Life Sanctuary - the third door in animal welfare - offers all these attributes of a true and loving home for our cats and dogs.