I Hear With My Heart

The touching story of Henry and Georgia is featured in Home for Life's® Summer Appeal.
$30,000 Matching Grant!  A deaf dog and former hearing service dog find friendship
and a home for life!

It’s a story that lifts the heart. But you will not see this world exclusive in any newspaper or TV show. These days, news presses in on us from all directions—bad news, confusing news, sad news, stories that cause outrage or kill hope—leaving us shell-shocked and exhausted. This barrage of alerts and updates, vying for our attention 24/7, presents a world in chaos.  

Dandelion Season arrives at last! Spring photos from Mark Luinenburg

Above: Maxmillion the Dachshund checks out the dandelions at Home for Life®!

In this album are some of our favorites from Photographer Mark Luinenburg's visit to Home for Life® at the end of May when the dandelions were in full bloom; his photos at the sanctuary during dandelion season have become an annual tradition. With so much that doesn't make sense and the world so turbulent, it's reassuring to know that every year, there will be spring sunshine, cheery yellow flowers, and happy animals at Home for Life®.