Home for Life's Spring Appeal: The Story of Poppy: to make beauty out of things that make us weep

Poppy in the dandelions

"Any fool can be happy, It takes someone with a real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep."- Clive Barker.


Dear Friend:

Home has never meant more than in this time of uncertainty amidst a deadly pandemic sweeping the world -- a place of safety and protection.  Having a home, a place to belong, provides a foothold amid chaos, a stable base to imagine a new and better future despite the challenges that surround us.

We know the miraculous power of having a home for life and have seen again and again what having a place to belong means for animals who come to Home for Life®  longing for the safety, security, and acceptance that our sanctuary provides.  There's no place like Home for Life® for dogs and cats like 2-legged Sheltie, Poppy, where we make sure the trauma and rejection of their prior years will neither define them nor be the end of their story.

Spring's Not Cancelled at Home for Life: Spring 2020 photos by Mark Luinenburg

Photos by Mark

So many great photos, it's always hard to choose just a few to highlight his visit. Thank you, Mark, who's been telling Home for Life's® story through photos for nearly 20 years!

Home for Life® is a new idea in animal sheltering, an animal sanctuary for special needs animals. We could proselytize until we were blue in the face about why care for life sanctuaries are needed, and how our mission makes a difference. But with a single photo, Mark illustrates why Home for Life® has and continues to save lives of the animals we help. Above: Twa

UPDATE: Home for Life® Gala Rescheduled to Spring 2021 - Start of Tour Season Postponed

Fabien Cousteau with his grandpa Jacques

Left: Fabien Cousteau with his grandpa Jacques

Our benchmark was the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan: one of our treasured advisors recommended holding firm with our event dates; but if the Olympics were canceled or postponed because of Covid 19, we would need to seriously consider rescheduling our 2020 events.