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July 2, 2024


Cat Thrown From 12-Story Balcony In Minneapolis Survives
to Find Her Home for Life


The week started dramatically for Home for Life® Animal Sanctuary ( HFL), based in Stillwater, MN when they received notice from Minneapolis Animal Control about a cat in dire need of help: "Rue," named for the French language spelling of the word street, is a one-year-old female tabby and white cat, who struck the pavement after being thrown from a 12th story balcony in a housing building in the city of Minneapolis. 


Minneapolis Animal Control reported that a juvenile at the scene testified multiple people witnessed the incident and that she was thrown from the balcony. Rue miraculously survived but had a badly broken right leg, and a broken foot on the left leg. The most serious injury is the broken mandibular on both sides of the jaw. There was concern for additional internal injuries due to the height from which she was thrown.

Rue at intae

Above: Rue at Intake


Due to the serious nature of her injuries, animal control veterinarians believed she needed immediate emergency care and reached out to HFL® and other local rescues. By 3 pm that day, no one else had responded so HFL® went to her aid and obtained emergency help for her that evening, where her legs were set and a nasal gastric tube was placed so she could receive hydration and nutrition, despite the broken jaw.

Rue Resting

Above: Rue resting.

Tomorrow, Rue will undergo an innovative procedure. Rather than a painful surgery on her jaw, or even placement of external fixators, Rue's surgeons will use a device to bond her upper and lower canine teeth together to hold the jaw in place and allow it to heal. The bonding device and procedure will be guided by a human dentist!


washing her face

Above: Rue trying to wash her face.

Rue is a courageous and resilient cat who is still trying to eat canned food, even with her damaged mouth, and even trying to groom herself despite her legs being in casts. It looks as if she will overcome the cruelty with which she was treated, thrown away, and over a balcony, with no regard for her life. Her survival story has touched the caring hearts of people worldwide who are heartbroken by the cruelty shown to this innocent creature but who are nevertheless thrilled that she is fighting to survive and heal. Home for Life has asked—but has not yet had a response if the person or person who did this to Rue will be prosecuted for animal cruelty—a felony in this state.


Above: Rue Sleeping


About Home for Life®


Home for Life®, an internationally recognized care for life sanctuary, offers a service to animals in need like no comparative organization. Many shelters and rescue organizations aspire to find a home for every animal and dream of the day when there will be no homeless animals. At Home for Life®, that's what we want too—and that's what we provide—for dogs and cats that are overlooked for placement. Home for Life® has created a new idea, the care-for-life sanctuary—a life-saving and life-affirming alternative for dogs and cats who have not been able to find a home or keep the home they had and for animals who have lifelong special care needs, that most adopters cannot provide. We call our idea the "Third Door" in animal welfare which gives at-risk dogs and cats, animals who might have been passed over for adoption, an alternative to an undeserved death. The dream of a home should be an opportunity that is available for all dogs and cats, and now with Home for Life®, and the innovative model we have created at our prototype sanctuary in Star Prairie, WI, it can be! 


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