This fall, Home for Life® welcomed Minneapolis pet photographer Jessica Nelson for two days of photographing the dogs, cats, birds and tortoise for the latest sponsor photos. Home for Life' s® sponsor program, the backbone of support for the sanctuary, allows donors to have a special bond with the animal of their choice, and we spoil our sponsors with beautiful portraits of their sponsored cat or dog taken by photographers like Jess, who donate their time and talent to help Home for Life®. Sponsor gifts are combined with donations from all supporters to provide the best care for ALL the special animals of Home for Life® whether sponsored or not. Sponsors can even visit the sanctuary and meet the animal they support "in person"! 

We met Jessica of Chocolate Moose Images through Woody's Pet Deli where we were obtaining raw diet for some of the animals on this particular regimen.  The Deli is adorned with several of Jess's beautiful photos, and we were thrilled when she agreed to help us with sponsor photos, with the beautiful fall season as the backdrop for the portraits.  In addition to her work as a pet photographer, Jessica is a world traveler and is a devoted cat owner of two precious felines, although she also loves photographing dogs too, as is plain to see from her photos of the Home for Life® dogs, who seem to be smiling in every picture!  Read more about Jessica and Chocolate Moose Images here: and check out Jessica's instagram: that's Home for Life's® Gidget!:

Here's Jess's gallery of cat photos from her shoot at Home for Life®:

and  Dogs: