Mana is such a big strong girl now but that's not how it started for her: She was so badly injured as a street dog in her home country, her leg so mangled and painfully swollen and infected that there was no choice but to amputate it. Mana did much better as a 3 legged dog but, for all practical purposes is a 2 legged dog. Taking care of her, the problem is she is so energetic, refusing to admit she's disabled, that it's a challenge to keep her from incurring wounds just through her determination to be active and high energy. She's also at a robust weight now, so it's almost like taking care of a seal, a good natured, sweet one for sure.


Video below: Seeing the dogs in motion is the way to best appreciate what a positive difference the new wheelchairs have made for them, In this video, it truly seems like a dance as they move so gracefully in the meadow in their new carts. Seen in order of appearance: Mana, Semi-Sweet, White, 2-legged Soosan who has a cart, Zavier, Noori, whose cart is under construction as we speak, Goofy and Gus who have carts, Robinhood, who is able to walk despite serious previous orthopedic injuries suffered in his home country, Beninabucket, and the finale, Mick.