Left: Home for Life's® Fall Gala with special guest Fabien Cousteau is postponed till Fall 2022

We care about you. We so treasure your companionship and we need to raise money too, but we are not willing to risk the health of anyone in order to do that. So while we value your support, we value your well-being even more—and the well-being of those you love, our medical professionals, and the community at large.

So we will wait to hold our gala. We do so out of love, out of sensibility, and out of an understanding that the compassion and protectiveness we offer our animals at Home for Life® is enabled and amplified by the compassion and protectiveness we share for you, our people, and thus should be reflected in our interactions with you, too.

We—meaning you and us, together—work so hard to keep our Home For Life® dogs and cats safe; it is at the core of Home For Life's® very existence and is the shared mission we undertake and forward every single day. With the same respect, we demonstrate in this regard for the dogs and cats we all so love, we've opted to keep one another safe, too. Covid is ebbing, and we are so grateful for this. But local hospital beds are full once again. When it comes to shepherding an animal's fate, Home For Life® is most assuredly never ever frivolous. In the face of the current burden on our healthcare system, we will not be frivolous either. We value our friends and neighbors too much for that.

As the pandemic took hold a little over a year ago, we all took inventory of the things we missed. We talked about how we looked forward to the day we could do our favorite things again, and especially see our favorite people. Honestly, we would have thought that day of reunion and celebration would have come to pass by now. We know its delay will make its arrival all the sweeter. So to you, our favorite people, we look forward all the more longingly to our 2022 gala, when we will collectively—and responsibly—do our favorite thing: Thank and celebrate you, our supporters, and the animals we all love so much and love helping.

Thank you so much for your understanding, your loyalty, your friendship and your generosity. Thank you from Home For Life®, and the Home for Life® dogs and cats whose very

lives belong to you. We will be back bigger and better than ever in 2022!