Adjacent left: the amazing Pistol Pete, who is FIV+ and blind , came to us from Red Wing MN. Just like his namesake, a famous basketball player, Pistol is a tall drink of water! — at Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary.
Adjacent right: Theodore, an FIV+ cat, who was found as a stray in Rochester MN — at Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary.

Have you seen our updated home page? We tried something new with our sponsorship program: necessity is the mother of invention! Sponsor photos this quarter and last were taken by our staff, instead of professional photographers as usual.


Siggy, fe leuk+, was abandoned at a horse farm located in one of the western suburbs of Minneapolis.
Above: Siggy, fe leuk+, was abandoned at a horse farm located in one of the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Tiny Siggy was attacked by the farm dogs after she was abandoned and sustained a severe spiral fracture of one of her hind legs which required surgery to repair. While hospitalized at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, she was tested and found to be feline leukemia + — at Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary.
Above: Ollie is a surrender from a private home,where he had demonstrated some aggressive behavior. — at Home For Life Animal Sanctuary.

The animals are at home and at ease with the people who take care of them every day, and the sponsor photos turned out beautifully!  Since it's nearly #caturday, we are highlighting the cats in this post but you will want to see the Imgur albums with all the photos!

Above: This sweet shy guy is Chai, found as a stray in Rochester MN and taken in by PCHSRochester where he was screened and found to be positive for feline leukemia. Almost surely once a pet, an owned cat, he probably contracted leukemia while trying to survive on his own outside and where he probably came in contact with other abandoned, stray cats who were positive for the contagious virus. There are multiple hazards for cats abandoned by their homes:disease, starvation, cars which many housecats are not knowledgeable about and don't know how to avoid, cruel people, dogs and predators — at Home For Life Animal Sanctuary.
Above: Beautiful Northstar, who was abandoned with her two sons, near us in Star Prairie WI. When the woman who was feeding the little family passed away, her family asked us to help them, Northstar and her two sons NickatNite and Nightrain, as they were used to being fed although they lived outside. No one had any idea where they had come from originally but they survived thanks to the kind woman who made sure they always had regular meals, When she died, her family knew Northstar would struggle and suffer trying to find enough food for herself and two sons, so asked us to help them — at Home For Life Animal Sanctuary.

If you're not a Home for Life® sponsor yet, what are you waiting for? Our sponsorship program enables Home for Life® to provide the best care for all the animals at the sanctuary, whether sponsored or not, while giving our sponsors the opportunity to forge a special bond with the cat or dog of their choice. More about Home for Life's®  sponsor program here:

Northstar is Home for Life, never to be hungry again. After so many uncertain months living outside and trying to survive with her two kittens, Northstar prefers to stay indoors and almost never even tries to go outside to the attached run.

Good Nite! Wishing you a very relaxing Labor Day weekend from Home for Life!