Access Hollywood called last week—our little video starring some of our paraplegic dogs in the snow will air this week all over the country!  ABC News!  NBC!  Fox News!  CBS!  People Magazine! Yahoo News!  Access Hollywood!  From New York to Florida to California!   (click here to view ABC video)

Never had any thought when we posted this sweet video that it would get THIS kind of widespread attention! But it shows that during these turbulent times, people are hungry for some good news and a happy ending. We hope our video brings cheer to those who see it.

The video shows some of our paraplegic dogs as they take a spin in one of our fenced meadows.  It has been such a beautiful January with new snow and comfortable temperatures. This week there's been lots of hoarfrost on the trees creating an almost magical setting.

In this video are our paraplegics:  Goofy and Program, from Soi Dog Foundation; White who is also from Thailand;  Mana, Noori and Soosan from Vafa Animal Shelter; Zavier from PupswithPassports;  and Beninabucket from Indiana.  All of our animals—even our paraplegic dogs—appreciate fresh air and sunshine even in the winter months.

Read more about Goofy who was rescued from a dog meat transport:

See the video causing such a sensation all over the country here!

And the original video below: