We have had perhaps the toughest winter ever at Home for Life®: in addition to the heavy snows - that continue now into mid April! - our boiler, (only two years old!) in the main dog building went out during the coldest of the January weather. This malfunction caused an avalanche of problems culminating in burst pipes and a heavily damaged building. Added to all this and along with the usual busy days at the sanctuary, the repairs to the building and boiler and installation of a forced air heating system, was the preparation for the gala on March 24 ( we had just six months to get ready from the time we had confirmation that Dr. Goodall could attend to the event date March 24!), we are late with our report on the end of the year Match Drive - but the results are in and thanks are due!

Above: Raha

Not counting a bequest that came in nor any proceeds associated with the event, our donors gave generously and $183,946.87 was raised through our end-of-year-Match-Drive featuring Raha, whose story so moved people.  With the $25,000 match challenge the grand total was $208,946.87!  We cannot thank our supporters enough for their kindness and generosity! 

In 2018, we will pay it forward through our work with Home for Life's® Peace Creatures® pet therapy outreach programs reaching nearly 5,000 at-risk-kids and adults each year and through offering refuge, loving care, and a place to belong - a true Home for Life® to dogs and cats like Raha who may have run out of options and need us desperately. As we catch our breath from the gala, we look forward to sharing the stories of many animals who have been helped through your kindness and generous support.

Thank you for helping Home for Life® provide a true home and real assistance to so many vulnerable animals and people - you have made a real difference with your gift!