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Cooper comes by his name honestly: he came to Home for Life® last March, after surviving the bitter winter with only a chicken coop for refuge and shelter. But let Cooper tell his story : 


Cooper's intake photos taken by the Paws and Claws shelter manager - his poor ears are bloody and crusted with dirt- and the ear cartlidge has totally collapsed.
Cooper's intake photos taken by the Paws and Claws shelter manager - his poor ears are bloody and crusted with dirt - and the ear cartlidge has totally collapsed.

"Beware the Ides of March! Yes, I came to Paws and Claws of Rochester, MN on March 15, that infamous date in Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar. That was a lucky day for me, however, because I was found taking refuge from the cold in a chicken coop on a farm in Pine Island, Minnesota. That's how I got my name, Cooper. I was grateful to be rescued because I was very hungry and in need of medical treatment for fleas, ear mites, badly infected and malformed ears, along with a big wound behind one of my ears. The vet who examined me said my ears were in the worst condition that she has ever seen. She was not sure if they got this way from severe frostbite, from me scratching at them them due to itchy ear mites and/or the pain from the infection, or from some other type of injury. I was so glad to get indoors where it's warm and there is lots of good food to eat! I love attention so much that I rub and rub against people for petting non-stop.


Cooper cat-napping
Cooper cat-napping

The family who found me would have liked to keep me, but they already have several cats that they have rescued. Unfortunately, people keep dumping cats on their property, and they have taken as many in as they have room for. Now I am headed to a wonderful forever home at Home for Life® Animal Sanctuary. I tested positive for FIV, and this would have made it extremely difficult for me to be adopted because people are afraid I will have expensive health problems or transfer FIV to any other cats they may have.  Home for Life® has given me lots of love, a warm, cozy place to stay, good food to eat, and excellent medical care. I  have lots of kitty friends, FIV+ like me, and I even am able to go outside when the weather is nice!  Thanks to Paws and Claws and Home for Life®, I  have a fresh start and can look forward to many happy years at my new home at Home for Life®. And this winter, I will be warm and have plenty of food, instead of so cold and hungry."



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