Christmas Cats

The song "Blue Christmas" conveys the bittersweet feelings often associated with the holiday season, evoking a sense of longing, heartache, and melancholy in contrast to the usual festive spirit of Christmas and the song resonates with those who  find themselves feeling lonely or experiencing lost love during this time of year.

Home for Life's Winter Mailing, with the story of Caden & the Rescue Remedy that saved his life! $50,000 Match Challenge: Due Date February 15!

... something different is going on in animal welfare. Rescues are highlighting animals with disabilities and the message being conveyed is that “if animals with obvious problems are being showcased, then surely the masses of healthy animals are easily finding homes without needing to be promoted.”

Let It Snow! at Home For Life®

The first snowfall of the season is always a reason to rejoice at Home for Life®!  With the clean, crisp air the snowfall brings, and the soft cushion on the meadows, the dogs have a renewed sense of energy, playing outside. Every season is beautiful at Home for Life®, and the first snowfall heralds the holidays and a whole different experience of good, clean fun in the refreshing weather! In this video: Axel, Mahtab, Pickles, Shoja, Henry, Georgia, wheel dogs Poppy, Gus, Mick & everyone's favorite: Una!  

Another Legend comes to town: Isabella Rossellini is Home for Life's 2024 Gala Guest!

We are thrilled to announce Home for Life's® Spring Gala is back in 2024, and even more excited to share that our special guest for the event will be Isabella Rossellini (pictured above)!  We will be back at International Market Square in Minneapolis, on Saturday, April 27th for this incredible evening!  Isabella Rossellini is an acclaimed model with 29 international Vogue covers to her credit, including her most recent, the cover of Italian Vogue in September 2023, and a spokesmodel for the Lancome cosmetic line.