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How can you do well by doing good? Collaborate with Home for Life® Animal Sanctuary, an internationally recognized care-for-life sanctuary for cats and dogs! Your company's corporate sponsorship of Home for Life® will inspire, educate and mobilize people who love animals and are moved to help the most vulnerable cats and dogs. Touch the hearts of people who love animals and want to make a difference by rallying them to support your business while helping the animals at Home for Life®!  Your support will help Home for Life® transform the direction of animal welfare by demonstrating what's possible and that the most powerful thing any of us can do to make a difference is to care!

Fire at Home for Life!!

Townhouse fire

Left: Sandy's townhouse engulfed in flames

Early Monday morning, February 8th, at about 1 am, Tammy, one of our overnight staff discovered "Sandy's Townhouse" was on fire. Thank God we have always had on-call night staff who monitor any sick animals overnight plus ensure the facility is secure; and thank goodness Tammy, who was on duty Sunday night, was on her toes. She smelled smoke and went to investigate the source, found smoke coming from Sandy's townhouse, and upon going inside saw that the wall was on fire. Tammy called Lisa, the Executive Director, and then both Tammy and Lisa called the fire department. Tammy located a fire extinguisher and got the three dogs out to safety, but the fire was beyond an extinguisher. Lisa also called one of our staff, Grace, who lives the closest to the sanctuary, and even though she had already worked a long day, she came in to help and support Tammy. Together they got the dogs moved so they were indoors and warm as it was well below zero.

"It Matters Not what someone is born but what they grow to be"—The Heartwarming story of Home for Life's Matilda inspires holiday match challenge!

maltilda at nursing home

Dear Friends

If only we had known of Matilda’s years of loneliness at the end of a chain, outside in all weather, having one litter of puppies after another... we would have intervened long ago. How could a dog suffer such maltreatment and neglect just a few miles away from Home for Life® sanctuary, a beacon of caring and kindness to animals. But we didn’t know how Matilda suffered until one of our employees found her one day on the way to work. How many dogs and cats spend lives of quiet desperation without notice or help? Animal rescue organizations don’t have to travel far to find animals in need. Often the one who needs our attention and help the most is right nearby.

Give from the Heart to help the animals of Home for Life® on Give to the Max Day!

give to the max 2020

PLEASE REMEMBER Home for Life® Animal Sanctuary on Minnesota's largest day of giving -- Give to the Max November 19! We are a Minnesota non-profit based in Stillwater, MN with our facility located on 40 acres on the Apple River in Star Prairie, Wisconsin.

Home for Life® is small but mighty, and we know that a small sanctuary can make a big difference. For the nearly 200 animals that live at our sanctuary, Home For Life® is able to give its residents a quality life and not just a warehoused existence.