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Diego, a hound mix, came to Home for Life from a Wisconsin foster-based rescue. They insisted that we take Diego, even though we suggested many other options for possible placement.


Diego and friends at Home for Life, one of our favorite photos by Sarah Ernhart of Sarah Beth Photography

At two years old, Diego is much younger than the typical dog admitted to Home for Life. However, no one came forward to adopt him through the rescue group, where he had been a foster for over a year. At the time he was brought to Home for Life®, the rescue group was actually offering Diego free of charge on Petfinder, an invitation for likely disaster. 

According to the rescue, Diego had a tough time in his foster home. After originally being rescued as an abandoned stray, Diego had at least one placement in addition to his foster home. He was returned for the same reason his foster found him unmanageable — his high energy, destructiveness in the home, and separation anxiety. No one was interested in adopting a black dog of undetermined lineage with demonstrated behavior challenges.

Diego may have seemed undistinguished to potential adopters, but we find him very handsome. Mutts are highly regarded at Home for Life® for their distinctive personalities and looks: no two are alike. Diego, for example, has a beautiful, sleek black coat, soft ears that are nearly as long as a Basset hound's, a whimsical white polka-dotted bib, and tail that curls into a perpetual circle of happiness. Even when he's working in a hole, we can identify Diego by his tail, which is like no other at Home for Life® or, we speculate, in the rest of the world.


As for his personality, Diego has a remarkable hound bark, and when something captures his attention he leaps straight in the air while barking. Diego is among the most athletic dogs at Home for Life®, and he loves to run and play.

Diego is happy and content at the sanctuary. With us, he is safe, cherished for his exuberance, given abundant outlets for his lively energy, and offered the companionship of many canine friends. If he wants to bark loudly, run fast, or dig deep, he can do so without scolding or correction. 

As is the case with many black mixed-breed dogs, Diego was overlooked by potential adopters. Their loss is our gain, but Diego will have plenty of opportunities to share his joyful spirit through our outreach programs. Besides being good-looking and athletic, Diego is also quite intelligent! He performed well in our Renaissance Program last fall, where he worked with one of the younger students at Totem Town. The two were a perfect match — both had fun-loving personalities and boundless energy.

Diego is now looking for a Home for Life volunteer who can work successfully with him as a therapy dog. With his sweet and gentle personality, we're sure that Diego will be a hit working our Pet Peace Corps programs. 

Diego also seeks sponsors that appreciate the special qualities within. All of our animals receive the same loving and high-quality care, whether they are sponsored or not. Sometimes animals who do not have a dramatic story of survival, or who are not a popular breed, do not attract the support of sponsors. Yet, here is a friendly, spirited young dog who was passed over by potential adopters, kicked out of his foster home, offered for free on the Internet, and faced euthanasia — a dog who has since shown a fierce zest for life and a willingness to give back.


Diego was still a young dog when he came to us, unwanted, rejected from two foster homes, and offered for placement by his rescue for free on Petfinder and Craig's List. Now he's gray around the muzzle and has been safe and loved all these years - nearly 10! We're so glad his rescue asked us to help him instead of handing him off to some random person from Craig's List and that this wonderful dog found his home for life at last with us.

Just like a "real home" a sanctuary's commitment to our dogs and cats is for the long haul for the life of the animal.  By the age of two Diego had already experienced the pitfalls of rescue when landing in one home after another that wouldn't let him stay. Perhaps the biggest gift we give the lost souls like Diego is a place to belong where they know they will be loved and cherished for who they are for as long as they may live.

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