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ruby in the meadow

Ruby is a Walker Coonhound who is now age 10. She has lived at Home for Life since age 3 when her family faced divorce and had to move. Ruby had been adopted by the family from a shelter, and was a high energy girl, with a tendency to run away.

In a nutshell, Ruby's behavior added to the stress and heartbreak the kids were already experiencing, but the famly didn't want to put Ruby back into rescue, lose track of her and never know what became of her, especially with the challenges she would present for any new home.

The family asked us to take in Ruby at this critical point. In the years since, it has meant so much to this family that they have been able to maintain their bond with Ruby, even though they now have another new dog. They sponsor Ruby as a family, recieve photos and updates, and visit her regularily. This past weekend, the kids and their mom spent Saturday afternoon at Home for Life, catching up with Ruby. The kids are older now, and Ruby more grey faced, but she will always be a part of their lives and hearts, thanks to Home for Life.



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Below are images from the weekend of July 18, 2016.

the kids walk with Ruby in one of Home for Life's fenced meadows. Ruby loves to run, and can do so safely in our several fenced off leash areasthe kids give Ruby some loving!Ruby's wonderful and loyal sponsor Marina Over the years, Ruby's family has gotten to know many of the other dogs at Home for Life including Ruby's roommates the Afghan Sabra and Carbon,a paraplegic street dog who came  from Thailand's Soi Dog FoundationMarina and her kids, with enough love- and treats! - to go around for Ruby and all her friends

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