Dog abandoned in sub-zero temperatures gives birth to 10 puppies !

On the morning of November 30, on a cold and blustery winter morning (air temperature -3, windchill  - 25!) one of our staff members received an unexpected call at the gate. Home for Life's front gate has a callbox so people can contact us up at the facility. A man's voice came over the intercom and said "Hey! did you  know there was a dog tied to your gate?!" He then hung up.

Every Home for Life Animal Has a Story: Eva Noth Photography

In mid-October, Home for Life welcomed photographer Eva Noth to the sanctuary for a warm fall afternoon and our latest sponsor  photo session. Eva, who donated her time and talent to support Home for Life's sponsorship program, is a Twin Cities  photographer who focuses on pet portraits. Her unique approach strives to tell the story of each animal whose pictures she captures. So many of our supporters have told us that what they love are the stories of our animals, what they have been through and overcome and how they are now flourishing at Home for Life.

Whatever happened to River & Smokey?

Did you know that in the U.S., up to 90% of animals will lose their homes during their lifetimes? Most animals surrendered to shelters are just 2 ½ years old. Shelters and rescues work hard to find new homes for these animals, but only 24% of them get adopted each year. The adoption numbers for older dogs are much more grim, let alone for senior pets who are bonded pairs and hope to stay together. Statistics like these make clear how rare it is for a dog or cat to land in a stable, loving, lifelong home.