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Summer is going swimmingly at Home for Life!

mark photos jude white swimming

With these recent steamy summer days of over 90 degrees, we thought everyone would enjoy seeing how Home for Life's staff and dogs keep it cool at the sanctuary- swimming in the Apple River! Home for Life is located on 40 acres with a mile of Apple River frontage on our property. The river is more accessible at different points so we went to a very picturesque spot for photos, not far from the sanctuary. Longtime friend to Home for Life Photographer Mark Luinenburg visited the sanctuary recently and captured some great summer photos of fun in the sun at Home for Life.

The Dodo Impact -- Featuring Home for Life

The Dodo is a halo brand for everyone who loves animals­­ from people who are obsessed with their pets all the way to committed animal advocates. We want our audience to connect with animals through our stories, and feel empowered to help where help is needed ... The Dodo was founded on the observations that animal content is among the most widely shared on social media and that people care about the welfare of animals more than ever before.

Fields of Gold: Mark Luinenburg photographs Spring at Home for Life

lady standing in dandelions

Longtime volunteer and friend to Home for Life, photographer Mark Luinenburg was at the sanctuary the second week in May, and it turned out to be perfect timing. There are a few weeks each spring at Home for Life where the entire property seems blanketed in gold, dappled in sunshine: an abundance of dandelions cover all the meadows and fenced exercise areas. The " fields of gold" proved to be a perfect backdrop for the happiness of our animals after a long winter. Inside the catteries, the beautiful cats generated their own rays of sunshine  to shine in the photos. Below some of our favorites of Mark's spring shoot. To see all the photos from his spring visit to Home for Life, check out his public album:

Visiting Home for Life

Home for Life tours

Home for Life will be open for tours this summer and into the fall. We open for tours the first weekend after Memorial Day and then offer tours all summer long and as late into the fall as weather permits!  We love to have supporters and new friends visit our facility and meet our animals. Please call at 1-800-252-5918 or email us at to schedule a time to visit us.  Please note that priority for scheduling is given to our existing donor and sponsors.

The BBC films at Home for Life Animal Sanctuary!

great big smile

Our big news of this first part of 2017 is that the BBC of Great Britain filmed a feature about Home for Life; producers and their team from the BBC spent nearly a week with us, the week of March 6, filming at the sanctuary as well as accompanying one of our certified therapy dogs, Great Dane Dodi, to the Masonic Children's Hospital for her regular visit with the pediatric patients there.