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We welcomed Rod & Stephanie Oman of The Imagery back at Home for Life® in October for the fall sponsor photos. They were last at the sanctuary about two years ago, so it was great to see them again, especially since they are so supportive of the Minnesota animal rescue community - from October 15 thru November 4 - they are hosting a rescue donation promotion - $50 gets you and your pet a photo session AND a 5x7 portrait with the $50 donated to Home for Life® or the Minnesota animal rescue of your choice:

Home for Life's® Tribute to Herb Sam the Spiritual Advisor to the Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe

Herb Sam with Governor Mark Dayton at the Minnesota State Capitol

Home for Life has lost a great friend with the death of Herb Sam the Spiritual Advisor to the Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe. Many of you might remember Herb from our annual Memorial Garden Ceremonies and Open Houses, at which he officiated. It is a huge loss to the community, Home for Life and for his family, his beloved wife and my friend Patty Sam and daughter Arianna. People like Herb are so rare in this world, and their loss leaves a huge hole in the lives of so many. Patty we will be with you tomorrow at the ceremony for Herb.

Double Exposure: Summer sponsor photos from KME Photography and Sarah Beth Photography

 Twa, one of Home for Life's® paraplegic cats, by Sarah Beth Photography

How fortunate Home for Life was to have both Kirsten Eitrem of KME Photography and Sarah Ernhart of Sarah Beth Photography out to the sanctuary in mid August for our sponsor photo shoot. It was a warm but beautiful day and between both these talented generous, gracious ladies and the Home for Life® staff, we got all the sponsor photos done plus photos of our new cats and dogs.

Left: Twa, one of Home for Life's® paraplegic cats, by Sarah Beth Photography

Summer Photos Mark Luinenburg

Frankie's blue eyes

Left: Frankie, one of Home for Life's Australian Shepherds in an extraordinary photo by Mark. Frankies story

Longtime friend to Home for Life®, photographer Mark Luinenburg was out at Home for Life® last week for summer photos, to meet our some of our new cats and dogs and for a swim at the Apple River, part of summer we look forward to at the sanctuary each year. Mark's been part of telling Home for Life's® story and sharing the stories of our animals for nearly 20 years! See the link for all of Mark's Summer of 2018 photos here including the latest Apple River swimming photos.

The Inspiration for Home for Life's Sold Out Pool Party Events!

Home for LIfe's® 2-legged Sheltie, Poppy, swims in the Apple River
Left: Home for LIfe's® 2-legged Sheltie, Poppy, swims in the Apple River

Home for Life's Best Pool Party of the Year—the Third Annual—and our new event the Caribbean themed Sunset Swim Party are September 8th and 9th and both events are SOLD OUT! 

We got the idea for a pool event after seeing how much our dogs loved to swim; we didn't think there was a need for yet another walk or K95K, but wanted to host an event that would be fun for people and their dogs to attend together.

Home for Life® Match Challenge Extended ! The Story of Shadow and Marian

Marian hugging Shadow

A unique aspect of Home for Life® is the help  the programs we offer provide to both animals and people. The story of Marian and her dog Shadow demonstrates how care for life sanctuaries are in a unique position—like none other in animal welfare—to maintain the bonds between animals and their owners. Sanctuary saves lives, not only of the animals we help, but also the people who love them.

Old Friend, New Photos: Sponsor Photos by Katie Thering Photography

Shakespeare by Katie Thering

Pictured left: Shakespeare

The latest photos for our sponsor program were taken by Katie of Katie Thering Photography ( If her name sounds familiar, it may be because you recognize her as the photographer who has captured the highlights of all our gala events including the our most recent gala of March 2018, with special guest Dr. Jane Goodall. For those of you who were not able to attend and also, for those who were there, be sure to see the blog post by event photographer Katie Theiring of Katie Thering Photography ( which includes many of  her beautiful photos from the evening:

Suddenly Summer: Spring photos by Mark Luienburg

Suddenly summer

Home for Life's® longtime friend and supporter photographer Mark Luinenburg was out to the sanctuary last Friday to get some spring photos. Spring? - it was nearly 90 degrees - and this after we had been under blizzard warnings in mid Apri - just a month before. The warm temperatures soared and everything seemed to bloom at once. We scrambled to get the canopies up and pools out, and get ready for tour season. We are now solidly into summer complete with hot temperatures and lots of humidity. but everyone is grateful for better weather and lots of sunshine.