"It Matters Not what someone is born but what they grow to be"—The Heartwarming story of Home for Life's Matilda inspires holiday match challenge!

Dear Friends

If only we had known of Matilda’s years of loneliness at the end of a chain, outside in all weather, having one litter of puppies after another... we would have intervened long ago. How could a dog suffer such maltreatment and neglect just a few miles away from Home for Life® sanctuary, a beacon of caring and kindness to animals. But we didn’t know how Matilda suffered until one of our employees found her one day on the way to work. How many dogs and cats spend lives of quiet desperation without notice or help? Animal rescue organizations don’t have to travel far to find animals in need. Often the one who needs our attention and help the most is right nearby.

November 9, 2019: Home for Life's® Fall Gala, The Fancy Feast, with special guest Ashley Judd! The Metropolitan, Minneapolis, MN

In 2019, Saturday November 9, Home for Life® will welcome the A-List actress, conservationist and U.N. representative and humanitarian Ashley Judd as our special guest. Ashley was very interested in being part of the Home for Life® gala as she is such an admirer of Dr.

Finding a Way to Help

Since late November, animal welfare organizations throughout Greater Minnesota have come together to find a way to help 30 cats of the Animal Humane Society's Partner Placement list. Cats who land at one of the four humane society locations are evaluated for placement; some who are experiencing shelter stress or who are very shy are not cats the humane society believes they can support on the adoption floors of their shelters, so they offer these cats to partner rescues to try to find the cats help and therefore avoid euthanizing them.

Above: Sage went to the Heart of Minnesota shelter in Hutchinson in exchange for FIV Spaghetti who came to Home for Life® Sage has already found a home.


Below: Larry finds his forever home thru the Paws and Clawsshelter in Rochester. They helped Larry in exchange for our taking in a Feleuk FIV+ cat named Jeffrey