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Winter Blues? Cheer up with this video of Una & his Friends— "I've got my love to keep me warm!"


Some have been asking for an update on Una, our puppy who survived being shot in the face. With more bitter cold upon us, here's a video to warm your heart: Una and his friends enjoying a snow day earlier this week.

More about Una including photos of him in his home country: https://imgur.com/gallery/7sZZ9OI...

Also in this video are Una's international group of friends!

  • paraplegic Gus from Mexico
  • the black speed demon on wheels, Snoop from Tunis, who used to walk on his front legs only as he had such horrible pressure wounds on his heels after being injured,
  • 2-legged sheltie Poppy,
  • paraplegic sheltie Mick from Saudi Arabia and Una's best friend (he ditches his wheels early in the video!),
  • and, sweet shy Lollipop from Iran who suffered a devastating injury before coming to us and now walks with peg legs.