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Lights, Camera, Splashes: Casting Call for Your Water Dogs!

pug at 2019 pool party

Sep 01, 2020 by Stephanie Figy of Sidewalk Dogs

One of our favorite ways to end the summer with a SPLASH is by attending Home for Life’s® Annual Best Pool Party of the Year, and this year’s no different! Except that your dogs are gonna be celebs, because this puppy’s going virtual, which means they need videos of your pups not only swimming in pools, but lounging in the lake, chillin’ in a canoe, paddle boarding—doing whatever it is they do on or in water! If you’re already IN, scroll down for details on how to enter.


2020 virtual Pool Party

After considering every alternative to try to present our 5th Annual Best Pool Party of the Year before summer ends--including: moving the event to another location, hosting the pool party at the sanctuary with swimming at the Apple River which runs on our property, renting out a private pool, scouting out a private lake--we have come to the decision that with COVID still raging, there is not an option to present this live event and still assure the safety of all our guests.

A Special sweetness: Sponsor Photos by the Staff of Home for Life®

Mattie taking photos

Home for Life's® sponsor program is a great way to support the sanctuary while forging a special bond with an individual animal. Historically, we have relied on professional photographers as an integral part of this program: they donate their time and talent by coming out to Home for Life® and taking photos of the cats and dogs who are sponsored, and then we highlight their work and business on our website, social media and with our sponsors.

Spring's Not Cancelled at Home for Life: Spring 2020 photos by Mark Luinenburg

Photos by Mark

So many great photos, it's always hard to choose just a few to highlight his visit. Thank you, Mark, who's been telling Home for Life's® story through photos for nearly 20 years!

Home for Life® is a new idea in animal sheltering, an animal sanctuary for special needs animals. We could proselytize until we were blue in the face about why care for life sanctuaries are needed, and how our mission makes a difference. But with a single photo, Mark illustrates why Home for Life® has and continues to save lives of the animals we help. Above: Twa