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New Photos by New Photograher, Alexandra Colich of Picture Me Lovely

HFL staff member Mackenzie with Blaco: Alex captures the love & care of HFL for our animals

We are delighted to introduce you to Alexandra Colich from Minneapolis of Picture Me Lovely, a photographer new to our sponsorship program and introduced to us by Debra, longtime Home for Life® supporter, sponsor and volunteer.  The photo shoot was June 21, and Alex's photos are full of golden light, perfect for the summer solstice and to celebrate the start of the summer season!




Home for Life® Dogs' Love of Swimming!

Home for life dogs love swimming

It has become a summer tradition for supporter and longtime friend to Home for Life®, Photographer Mark Luinenburg, to come out to the sanctuary for a day of swimming at the Apple River with many of our dogs who love the water. This year, he made it out the day before July 4th, and we had a perfect, hot day for cooling off at the Apple which borders the west side of Home for Life's® 40 acres. See more of Mark's photos and more swimming photos in his public album here.




ANNOUNCEMENT! Attention Best Pool Party of the Year 2019 fans

2019 Pool Party

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, our Sunset Swim Party on a Saturday afternoon was such a success that the Town and Country Club members decided that time slot would work better for THEIR event. HOME FOR LIFE'S® Pool Party event is still on, and will be a one day event only, BUT it will be a nearly all day extravaganza and combine the best of both our events from last year!



November 9, 2019: Home for Life's® Fall Gala, The Fancy Feast, with special guest Ashley Judd! The Metropolitan, Minneapolis, MN

Ashley still from movie, "A Dog's Way Home"

In 2019, Saturday November 9, Home for Life® will welcome the A-List actress, conservationist and U.N. representative and humanitarian Ashley Judd as our special guest. Ashley was very interested in being part of the Home for Life® gala as she is such an admirer of Dr. Jane Goodall, our 2018 gala guest and like her, loves dogs and works hard for conservation efforts, particularly on behalf of bonobos apes in their native Congo. Ashley also loves and cherishes all animals, and has relied on her beloved dogs for emotional support animals during turbulent times of her life.


Finding a Way to Help

Sage went to the Heart of Minnesota shelter in Hutchinson in exchange for FIV Spaghetti who came to Home for Life® Sage has already found a home

Since late November, animal welfare organizations throughout Greater Minnesota have come together to find a way to help 30 cats of the Animal Humane Society's Partner Placement list. Cats who land at one of the four humane society locations are evaluated for placement; some who are experiencing shelter stress or who are very shy are not cats the humane society believes they can support on the adoption floors of their shelters, so they offer these cats to partner rescues to try to find the cats help and therefore avoid euthanizing them.

Sage went to the Heart of Minnesota shelter in Hutchinson in exchange for FIV Spaghetti who came to Home for Life® Sage has already found a home

Coping with the Cold

Above: Feleuk+ MiowMiow & friends stay warm - note Allie's ears and half a tail, lost when she suffered frostbite before coming to us

WHAT a week! Wednesday morning last week at Home for Life®: temperature was -34 degrees! Our overnight staff who lives east of us recorded -41 degrees at her house. This is the air temperature - the wind chill is far worse. With 200 animals at our facility, Home for Life® doesn't have the option to close. We are so grateful to our staff who have braved the arctic cold to come to work and take care of dogs and cats, birds and even Goliath our tortoise.