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UPDATE: Home for Life® Gala Rescheduled to Spring 2021 - Start of Tour Season Postponed

Fabien Cousteau with his grandpa Jacques

Left: Fabien Cousteau with his grandpa Jacques

Our benchmark was the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan: one of our treasured advisors recommended holding firm with our event dates; but if the Olympics were canceled or postponed because of Covid 19, we would need to seriously consider rescheduling our 2020 events.

Essential Services: Coping with Corona

Zena practicing social distancing from Parker at Home for Life®!

Left: Zena practicing social distancing from Parker at Home for Life®!

This week required shutdown happened in the State of Wisconsin where Home for Life® is located on forty acres on the Apple River in Star Prairie, Wisconsin. With 200 animals who are counting on us to care for them, the essential services of Home for Life® go on for our vulnerable cats and dogs, and our sanctuary will not be closing. We are grateful to our small staff of dedicated employees who realize how absolutely dependent our cats and dogs and mascots, our parrots Candy and Penelope and tortoise Goliath, are now more than ever with the world thrown into an uproar. These were the animals who were passed over for adoption and foster programs and had no place to turn when they came to us - they needed that third chance and that's what Home for Life®, the third door in animal welfare, provided to them when their lives hung in the balance.

Transforming the Lives of Animals Has Never been Easier: Home for Life® Now Offers Giving Options Through PayPal and Facebook Fundraising!

paypal logo

You asked and we listened. We now offer PayPal! Or Opt for our secure Electronic Funds Transfer form where you can make your gift by credit or debit card or from a savings or bank account. to make it more convenient than ever to help the animals at Home for Life® Sanctuary: look for the blue DONATE button in the upper righthand corner of the page to be directed to our donation portal including the new Paypal option.

Home for Life® announces 2020 Event Schedule: Pool Party

2019 Pool Party German Shephert

Sunday, September 20, 2020: Home for Life's® 5th Annual Best Pool Party of the Year! Town and Country Club, St Paul.

Between the cold weather and the tiresome impeachment hearings, who's ready for some good news? Home for Life's® 5th Annual Best Pool Party of the Year will be back! See you Sunday, September 20, 2020!! Celebrating the end of summer, dogs and the people who love them, having a great time and gathering strength for what is looking like a chaotic fall in this election year.

Home for Life's® Latest Video: A Day in the Life

A care for life sanctuary is a unique place for unique animals. Why should a cat or dog lose all that makes them irreplaceable, one in a million, just because they enter the animal rescue "system" where success persists in being defined by the numbers? Behind every data point, every number -- is an individual cat or dog, with a story and the need for someone to recognize all that makes them distinctive.